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Already halfway through. Six months of therapy # 2 & 3

20161009_130003I’m halfway through. 3 months I’ve been working on myself in therapy. I decided to skip the update of the second month and do on update when also the third month had happened. Everything got a bit hectic and I quite a bit tired, which made doing anything extra next to my therapy an almost impossible job. However I did mad some major steps the last two months. I started eating more and gained one and a half kilo already. Of course, eating more had made often very anxious and uncomfortable, but I got myself through. Slowly but surely the confidence that my body can handle it all is growing.
The time I used to spend OCDing before bed, I have reduced to only twenty minutes, which is great! I now can just go to bed like a normal person, well almost normal.

Halfway through the second month I finished my writing course. Which meant I didn’t need to spend the weekends working hard on assignments, but on getting some energy back before the next week. However, I did mean the only thing I was doing was working on myself during the four days a week spent in therapy and mostly sleeping and recovering energy during the weekends. This made me feel somewhat down and later on less motivated. I felt a need to do something for me that I liked and could get energy from, something that made me feel me again. Because I started not to feel like myself, but some empty shell that used to hold me. But on the 24th of November I started a sewing course, something that gave me back some energy, something I know really enjoy doing and hope to eventually be able to make some great things.

And for the coming month, I will continue to make some big steps, I will keep eating and soon I will only go two days a week to therapy instead of four which means I will be able to pick up writing (as I will have a bit more energy) and with that pick up my blog again too.

I wish you all a cozy and wonderful Christmas and a great 2017.

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  1. oh lieve Esther

    wat fijn om weer even van je te lezen, je schrijft zo mooi en rijk
    en het is ook herkenbaar al die strugle in je hoofd en leven, zoo goed dat je er aan werkt en er in gesteund wordt. je komt er doorheen, ik weet het zeker en hoop je morgen bij de Haasjeskerst even te spreken, veel liefs en moed, Gerwine

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