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Packing and unpreparedness

Dress: Second Hand
Sweater: Asos
Baret: Asos
Earrings: Asos
Shoes: Bought these years ago on a trip to London, I believe it was either 2008 or 2009

As I’m writing this post I’m busy getting everything ready and done before we leave for the holiday. I still need to wrap some presents (for the person I had to buy presents for, because of Sinterklaas celebrations), pack my backs, paint the roots of my hair, write posts for the week I’m away (this post being one of those) and for the lasts bits of shopping.  But by the time this goes up I’m waking up on the first morning in Denmark.

So packing bags? Anyone else a massive over packer? I don’t know about you, but I always feel the need when I leave the house to be prepared for everything and I do pack according so, I believe this comes from the same place as my OCD does. I’m not sure you have noticed, but you can never prepare for everything, life has of way of turning out differently than you have in mind. I often struggle with that and this holiday is a perfect way of teaching me to deal with that in a safe way. Why? Because besides that, one of the days we go to Copenhagen (we don’t know which one yet) we have nothing planned. The plan is to let it take shape ones we get there and see what everyone is capable off on the day itself. Nothing is going to be forced, it’s just easy going. Not my strong suit as I like to know what is going to happen, but a perfect learning opportunity. And it is probably going to be fine, boredom won’t take place and even as it does the sea is only 50 meters away. And the sea is never boring.

I’m nervous, but I don’t think the unknowingness of it all is the only reason why. I still have my OCD and every night not spend in the comfort of my home is one spent outside of my comfort zone, no matter how lovely it all is. I hope I will come back a little bit stronger again.

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  1. mooi verhaal Esther
    fijn dat je de uitdaging aangaat
    en jezelf sterker voelt
    elke dag ietsje beterder toch

    alleen die sinterklaascadootjes brengen mij in de war….
    met wie en waarheen ga je in deze herfstvakantie neem ik aan?
    naar danmark
    geniet ervan!

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