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Tornados of ideas

The wind is freezing cold, clouds hang threatening and dark in the sky above a tiny village. The winter seems to have come back and I feel it’s a miracle that I even got in the car, for a two hour drive to KLeinhuizen, since my OCD  kept me bound to the house and wouldn’t want to let me go. The jitters in my stomach are extreme. What would I find there? What kind of people would hide in those tiny houses?

                The grass is high and paths made of wood chips leads to each individual house. The first is right next to the entrance and holds a family of four. A bit wider than your average tiny house with a cosy and spacious interior, even with the choice of dark materials. The owners of the second house aren’t home. So we are bound to look through the windows to get a peek of the inside. After we had every window we make our way to the third house, which seems also be the newest. The long waiting line which makes us decides to keep this house for later and move on to the next house. Inside a girl lives there alone, who just as I plan to do has built the house with her dad. The layout is different than that I am used to so far. Under the attic with the bed, which is a feature so many tiny houses share, the kitchen, bathroom and closet are placed vertically instead of a bathroom at the end of the house in horizontal way like you see so often. It feels open and spacious and everywhere you look are plats hanging or standing together  with little treasures scattered through. The want to start is burning on the inside and I can’t wait until the time is there.

                The next one is only a couple of meters away. A black house with light wooden window frames around large windows. In the sitting area behind the couch is a tropical wallpaper in matching colour of the cushions placed. The pallet stove is centered in the room next to the stairs that here too leads to the sleeping area above the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom is placed like so often, horizontally at the end of the house. A sleepy cat comes walking down the stairs and purrs for attention from whoever wants to give it. The sun is shining and my socks are still dry when I put on my shoes again.

                We walk towards the best place on the field where you can pick apples sitting on the terrace from a beautiful old apple tree and enjoying the view on the water at the same time. The young couple who lives there tell with much passion and enthusiasm about building and living in their tiny home. They are still in the finishing phase, but it is cosy already.

When we get back outside, we are much wiser and have many tips richer,  but the sun is gone and a new dark cloud is threatening. And even though the sky is dark, my head is getting lighter and lighter from all the positive vibes. Out of precaution we put our shoes under shelter before we get inside the next house and not much later a hailstorm let loose outside. The house is minimalist and spacious in design with much white that seems to fit perfectly with the couple who lives there.

Already it’s half past three and with only half hour to go, it’s time to move on to the last house that we skipped last time. We still have to wait, since the house still holds the maximum number of guests. But the sun is out again and get talking with another visitor who is waiting as well to have a look inside. Just like me he is here for information and inspiration for his own home, he wants to let build for his wife and himself. And he himself is as enthusiastic as everyone I have met today.

The waiting is over soon and before we know it. Quest are wriggling through the door, to keep the cat inside and so that we can get inside. It’s the newest house on the block and even the cat has to get used to the surroundings still.  It’s another enthusiastic couple that, even though they have let their house be built, can tell us everything that we wish to know. It’s spacious and light inside, but as they’ve told themselves a few things are still missing. The pallet stove needs to be placed, the Ikea klipbank needs to be replaced by a specially made couch with storage space. Many stories and tips are shared and it seems that the time has gone as fast for them as it did for us, because their reaction to what time it is already is a bit surprised. We are there last visitors of the day.

Back in the car a tornado of ideas and plans are racing through my head. The negative spiral where I started the day with seems to have made a place for enthusiasm and excitement to start. Luckily my trailer has been ordered and the first step has been made.

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