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Time is weird

Everything comes in with the speed of a 30 foot high waterfall which can make stones brake with the force it has. The spot I received for my tiny house, the deadline of three months to finish, the volunteer work I started at Tiny House Nederland and the fact I am now building a freaking house, makes that the time is speeding by. I no longer have a grip and need to go with the flow. I feel the urge to bury my feet in the sand to fight the speeding time. Against the change that is coming. In September I leave my family home for the very first time. On my own and I have absolutely no idea what to expect, what it will be like and how I will hold up.

                Then reality fades and I find myself in a dreamlike state of mine where everything around me seems unreal. From a distance it seems lovely to have a home for me alone, even if that home is tiny. It’s then that I can imagine how it could be like.

During that first week we build the base of my home to a large dance floor on wheels. By we, I mean my dad and nephew with whom I build my house. My nephew and I with zero experience in building, except the odd job around the house.  On our backs, we crawl under the trailer, and secure the beams into place with cordless drills awkwardly in our hands.

For my feeling the dancefloor was there for weeks. While in reality it was only five days before we started on the next step. The skeleton of the house. That this week, the third week of building.

It’s a week of building every day and we end up feeling fatigued and sore. We finish off The skeleton. That for my idea has been standing there for months, but since it’s only the third week I can’t be right. The first window is put in We wrap the blue sail around the beams, that has the purpose to regulate the moisture of my house. Next we get to put the wooden planks on the outside wall.

For a minute it’s like putting up glasses that stop the time. I see the end result in front of me, a real house for me. Like a wave out of sea, in the middle of a storm. Then I’m back in the middle of the construction with the time flying again. Overwhelming. I think I will be in this storm for a while, it’s only waiting for the next wave to slow down time again. It’s strange not knowing what will come.

Materials used:
7.20 by 2.50 m Vlemmix trailer
Between the beam frame I used isolation material of 8mm
18 mm thick underlayment plates
9 mm betontriplex
8 by 4 cm beam frame
6vhandmade brackets
8 by 3,5 cm beams
1 m round window
Moister-permeable and water-resistant foil

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