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Nightly walk

The sky is deep black with white twinkly lights and a big round moon that shines down on her shiny black fur and makes it look silvery. Long shadows stretch out before her and her red hero on the red tiles of the street they live in. In the white house with the red roof and the yellow edge. Her red hero, Rough Tooth (perhaps a silly name, but it was given to him by his owner when he was still a young blond boy), is an old castrated cat and has started to decline. He can’t see half of anything and his hearing isn’t all too good either, so she decided to take it upon her to guide him on his nightly excursions and keep a watchful eye out.

When she was a little kitten she was rescued out of the pet shelter and ended up in the white house, he sat there as this big tough cat on his favourite pillow and stole her heart. He was there when she grew up and made her into the grown up cat she is now. Her hero, even now he is becoming more dependent she still looks up to him. And that is why she is doing this. That and because she can listen to the stories of his life.

More than once he walks up the wrong driveway to the wrong house which leads to her convincing him to walk back into the street, because they need to walk a little further. Patiently she walks with him, waits for him and leads him back safely. Secretly she loves it, it is the perfect excuse to let him talk about his past and listen to his stories. Which are many by the way, he is old and has endured a lot. For example the incident with the plastic bag, which still give him nightmares. Or his old friend and roommate, who died one summer of the heat while he was soaking up the sun as he always did. Or the dog who lived in a white house before the big beast that lives there now with her and the rest of the cats. Only he was less big, clumsy, annoying and disgusting as Luna is.

Preferably she would listen to his stories all day, to absorb his wise words and learn what is to learn from him. It’s from him she learned to hunt the way she does. She is even better now than him, he says so himself. She is a true talent and likes to show it off and to show her thanks to the humans that saved her from the shelter with the aggressive cat, by lining all the bodies of the birds and mice she caught.

But now he is declining and can’t even wander through the neighbourhood without getting lost. Although she still firmly believes “He will live on for years to come”.

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